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“Some people just can’t be stopped.They don’t let limitation get in their way. Manuel Muzzu is one of these people. Manuel has a Handicap on his right hand that prevent him from being able to move all of his fingers. He can only move his thumb and his index finger a little, so he had teach himself how to play given his constaints. Based on this, his album, The Right Hand’s Miracle, was born. Manuel’s mastery of the bass is impressive. This of course even more remarkable considering his handicap.” Kevin Kozel-
I fell in love with a bass guitar when I was a 12 years old boy despite an handicap on my right hand that prevent me from articulating my fingers. In effort to overcome my disability I worked out my own technique throughout the years and, if you wish to, you can watch me on youtube channel where I actually demostrate how do it. My songs are insipired by all the different sounds I manage to extract from my 6 strings basses including what may sound like a conventional guitar when i use it as an harmonic instruments as oppose to a slap or a straight forward fretless melodic one. I write my own material and I play all instruments you  hear a part from some exception. I do the recording on my home studio I hope you will enjoy my music and thank for visiting my pages